Pastor’s Welcome

Hi, my name is Paul.
I am the pastor of Hillcrest, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.
Thank you for stopping by.

Hillcrest is a small church but a great church. It is not for everyone, but it might be for you. We are a loving family of unique individuals. While we are not as diverse as we once were or would like to be, but we have quite a diverse mix of opinions and outlooks on the world. We are a welcoming congregation and we do not believe you need to be perfect as you approach our doors.

We love exploring the possibilities that God may have for you and we will walk with you through the good and bad, fun and sad, easy and hard.

We want you to help us serve this world through a local congregation. We will work hard to help empower you to serve the Kingdom of God.

You have gifts to offer and we will explore your gifts and find ways for you to help others in ministry and mission. We want your gifts as a part of our family. We want to help you use your gifts in better way then you have ever imagined.

Come and join us. There is a place for you in this body of believers.

I love this church, and I love serving as its pastor. I would love to be your pastor as well.
There is room for you to join this family. There is room for your gifts and needs at our family table.

It would be a privilege to talk about you and Hillcrest and ways that God might bring us together.
Call me.
Email me.
Let’s talk about you and God and Hillcrest…I’ll buy the coffee.


Paul McLendon